When Your Searching For RV Dealers Near Me, Consider Country Roads RV Center!

The Internet is great for a lot of things. You can find everything from donuts to dentists and florists to fun, family-friendly rainy-day activities. You can get answers to just about any question human beings might think to ask and have a conversation about just about any topic under the sun with people who are as passionate about things you like and enjoy as you are. 

But for some things, the Internet isn’t just helpful; it’s hands-down the best way to find what you’re looking for—like searching for RV dealers near me to get the best deals on campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and of course, RVs. 

So, when you’re considering searching for RV dealers near me, you should consider Country Roads RV Center first!

The Closest RV Dealers to You!

If you’re in Lexington, NC, or a nearby zip code, there’s a good chance Country Roads RV Center is the closest dealer to you. But what if you’re farther away? Even if you’re not right in our backyard, you may find your closest dealerships can’t match the size of our selection or our dedication to customer service.

With customer service that’s second to none and customer satisfaction as measured by sites like Google and Yelp!, we’re the camper dealer with a reputation for making adventure travel easier and more affordable, so you and your family can spend less time at the dealership or service center and more time heading for the horizon!

Can your “nearest RV dealer near me” say all that—and back it up?

You don’t need an RV dealer locator—you just need Country Roads RV Center!

Many of our customers contact us because, for them, dealer locators turn into an exercise in frustration. 

Whether you’re looking to load up your gear and head up the mountain for a quiet ski weekend, or camping and hanging out on your fishing boat with your buddies starting at dawn, or you and your family want to hitch up a fifth wheel toy hauler and take your go-cart to a motorsports expo across the country, Country Roads RV Center is the marketplace with the best selection of travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers to fit your budget and needs. 

We’re the travel trailer dealers and RV dealership near Charlotte that makes shopping for the perfect conveyance for your next outdoor adventure fun, easy, and, best of all, affordable. Our personal care and dedication to customer service are second to none, from a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection to make sure your rig is ready for the road to making payment as easy as possible, so you’ll always feel confident you’re getting the right ride at the right price for you and your family!

“Dealers Nearest Me” isn’t always the best way to go!

Sometimes, even the most complex algorithms and search engine bots end up serving up nothing but disappointment. But if your Google search pulls up Country Roads RV Center, you know you’re getting great results! At Country Roads RV Center, we’ve had customers from Astoria, Oregon, to Colorado, to Quebec, to Tijuana, Mexico, make us their choice for quality travel trailer RVs and other types of campers for many reasons. In many cases, finding a RV dealer near them that offered the floorplan and amenities they needed to keep everyone happy became a complicated and frustrating process. We may not be the closest dealer, geographically speaking, but we know your RV’s going to be one you love when you drive away! 

What sets us apart from other RV dealerships across the United States is the fact we work harder to make sure you don’t just get any old RV near you—we want to get you into the RIGHT RV for your needs. 

Our knowledge base lets us take everything from vehicle tow weight to winds to the voltage you’ll need to run the amenities you and your family demand and deserve to enjoy your trips in style and comfort into account. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re using to tow your rig, we have the best selection of new and pre-owned travel trailer RVs, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love!

Country Roads RV Center is proud to offer the following and other fine manufacturers and brands of RVs to help make getting the RV you need and want easier and more hassle-free than ever before, including:

  • Coachmen
  • Apex
  • Freedom Express
  • Freedom Express Blast
  • Northern Spirit
  • Prime Time
  • Lacrosse
  • Tracer
  • Palomino
  • Puma
  • Sabre
  • Sandpiper
  • Cherokee
  • Wolf Pack

Whether you know exactly what you want, or you don’t know the differences between a travel trailer and a toy hauler, we’re here to help with the latest news and information, so you can make the best choice for all your outdoor adventure needs.

So, before you search for “RV dealership near me” or “RVs for sale near me” on your favorite browser, we’d like to invite you to take a moment and consider Country Roads RV Center.

To find out more about our latest and greatest models, click here to check out our blog or here to contact our internet sales team. And to learn more about why searching RV dealers near me may not be the best way to find the best RV for your budget and family. Keep reading for our FAQ from RV enthusiasts all over the country just like you!

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Dealers Near Me

Country Roads RV Center is proud to be one of the nation’s biggest and best RV dealerships, whether you’re coming from 1 mile, 100 miles, or over 1,000 miles away!

Question: I have a personal watercraft I want to take with me when I go RVing, but I haven’t been able to find an RV for sale near me with a floorplan I like that will accommodate it. Can Country Roads RV Center help me? –Miguel, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Whether you want to store a PWC, snowmobile, jet ski, ATV, or full-size vehicle, there are numerous floor plans and configurations that marry the best features of an RV and a toy hauler.

The only real questions are how much space and how many amenities you’re willing to cede to the toy without adding an unreasonable amount of weight or length to the RV.

Every inch of vehicle storage space reduces the amount of space available for living and entertainment areas, seating space, and sleeping accommodations, so this has to be taken into account. In addition, you’ll need to factor in the weight of the toy in relation to everything else on board your RV, including the weight of fuel and water tanks, various supplies, and of course, all your family’s luggage and other cargo.

With this said, Country Roads RV Center is happy to do everything we possibly can to help you and your family choose the perfect RV for all your outdoor adventure needs and wherever the road leads. Whether you’re heading out for a cross-country adventure or just a weekend at the lake, we’re sure you’ll find the best possible RV for everything you want to do in the great outdoors!  

Question: Does Country Roads RV Center offer contactless RV dealership services? –Olga, Pascagoula, MS

Country Roads RV Center is proud to say that although the COVID-19 crisis has largely passed, we have kept many of our safety protocols in place for the benefit of our staff and customers. Among these are touchless and no-contact dealership visits, service center appointments, and payment methods. Just like you, we want to make sure everyone we deal with stays healthy and happy all year long, and we make it easier to do that by giving you a choice in the type of service that makes you most comfortable!

Question: Does Country Roads RV Center offer roadside assistance? –Fredrik, Athens, GA

As it happens, we do not. The reason for this is that we always strive to keep our prices for both inventory and services as low as possible, and having on-call, on-demand roadside service would require us to raise prices across the board to offset the additional expense.

However, most of our RV inventory includes warranty options that may cover roadside assistance, and your private insurance carrier may also offer roadside assistance and towing if needed as a core service or optional add-on. 

If roadside assistance is included in your warranty, we’ll make sure you know it and exactly where to find the limits and requirements in the warranty language. If it’s not, we’ll be happy to offer suggestions for RV insurance carriers that offer roadside assistance for any size RV so you and your family can get out there feeling more secure that you’re covered if there is a problem!

Question: Can I get an RV that offers fiber optic cable and internet connections on the road from Country Roads RV Center? –Helen, Mint Hill, NC

We’ve come a long way from the days when “high-tech” camping meant having a propane lantern for the family to see by after sunset around the picnic table, that’s for sure!

Country Roads RV Center has some of the newest and best inventory, featuring some of the latest and greatest options around—including fiber optic cable and internet connections.

As these become more ubiquitous, and the need for connectivity even when you’re away from home greater, having access to cable connections for both entertainment and work on the road will be even more essential. We’re confident when you come to visit us, instead of Googling “RV dealer near me” and hoping for the best, you’ll find the perfect RV, camper, toy hauler, or fifth wheel for all your family’s outdoor recreation needs, including ways to stay connected and in touch in more places, with less stress and hassle!

Question: What credit score do I need for financing pre-qualification to finance an RV from Country Roads RV Center? The dealership nearest me won’t give me a straight answer. –Audrey, Twin Falls, MN

As with most RV dealers, the credit score and down payment you need to finance with us will depend on the make, model, and model year you’re looking at and your overall credit and employment history, among other factors. This makes it hard to say for certain exactly what numbers you need to hit to be able to finance the RV you want through Country Roads RV Center. However, we can tell you we have a great selection of new and pre-owned RVs, campers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers that are sure to keep your family, your bank account, and your credit score happy. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to work with you to help you find an RV that fits your budget and unlocks the door to vacation memories you’ll always treasure. Click here for more information about financing and to connect with our sales team today and let us show you how easy and affordable it can be to get into a new RV from Country Roads RV Center!

To find out more about why Country Roads RV Center may be the best “RV dealer near me,” even if we’re further down the road than your local RV dealerships, give the dealer locator a rest and click here to contact Country Roads RV Center today!

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