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The Last Hitch You Will Ever Buy

About Torsion-Flex Technology

  • Protects cargo from harsh bumps
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Up to 90% smoother ride than traditional hard connections
  • Reduce tire wear on your truck and trailer
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Executive

  • Torsion Flex Technology
  • Available in either Fifth Wheel or Gooseneck conversion applications
  • Replaces existing factory pinbox
  • Eliminates shock transfer
  • Eliminates most surging, bucking and chucking
  • 5 Year Warranty on All Moving Parts
  • Lifetime Guarantee on All Remaining Components

The Boss

  • Torsion-Flex Technology
  • The Boss Adjustable Drop Hitches start at 10,000 LB towing capacity, up to 32,000 LB towing capacity
  • Drop/Raise Range: 5″ to 10″
  • Available in 2″, 2.5″ and 3″ receiver size
  • Includes Versa-Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
  • Versa-Ball: 2″ and 2 5/16″
  • Compatible with pintle style couplings
  • Compatible with sway control systems
  • 5 Year Warranty on All Moving Parts
  • Lifetime Guarantee on All Remaining Components

Standard Drop Hitches

Mega-Duty Adjustable Drop Hitches

  • Mega-Duty Adjustable Drop Hitches start at 10,000 LB towing capacity, up to 32,000 LB towing capacity
  • Drop/Raise Range: 5″ to 10″
  • Available in 2″, 2.5″ and 3″ receiver size
  • Includes Versa-Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
  • Versa-Ball: 2″ and 2 5/16″
  • Compatible with pintle style couplings
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Please contact our Parts Department for pricing and availability.

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To view our FAQ and learn more about Country Roads RV Center’s line of Gen Y trailer hitches for every kind of vehicle and trailer, keep reading!

Gen Y Hitch Frequently Asked Questions

 Country Roads RV Center is your source for the best service, parts, and brand names you can trust for all your outdoor adventure needs!

Question: What does “torsion flex” mean? –Umberto, Palm Beach, FL

Answer: One of the biggest advantages of the GenY hitch is its Torsion-Flex technology. Working in a similar manner to an accessory store truck stabilizer kit, this unique system allows for a smoother ride, less harsh bumping and jarring, reduced wear and tear on tires and greater fuel economy. Torsion is a technical way of saying “twisting,” one of the key forces that work on your trailer couplings when you’re driving down the road. 

Torsion is a main reason for uneven or rapid wear on tires, rougher riding when pulling a trailer, and damage to couplers, axles, and bumpers.

The design of GenYhitch technology makes it the most versatile type of trailer hitches on the market for every kind of coupler, including pintle and ball couplings. The adjustable drop and unparalleled ability of Gen Y hitches to move with the forces acting on the couplers, along with the integrated rubber spring for superior give and shock absorption, gives up to 90% smoother riding and minimizes sway and jarring on the road. It even features a built-in tongue weight scale, which is helpful both for casual users and people who haul trailers as a lifestyle or a living, which is why Country Roads RV Center is confident Gen Y is the last hitch you’ll ever buy!

Question: Will a Gen Y hitch work for my gooseneck coupler? –Jacquanda, Charlotte, NC

Answer: If your car or truck can tow it, you can get a Gen Y hitch that will accommodate it! Gen Y hitches work for:

  • Toy haulers
  • Goosenecks
  • Travel trailers
  • Motor homes
  • Race haulers
  • Horse trailers
  • And more!

Ranging from light-duty models for towing open-side toy haulers to Gen Y hitch heavy-duty adjustable drawbar technology for goosenecks, Gen Y gooseneck Torsion-Flex hitches make hitching and pulling trailers of even the beefiest commercially available dimensions and weights faster, easier and less grueling for your vehicle than ever before. That’s why Country Roads RV Center is proud to add Gen Y hitches to our lineup of great RV and travel trailer accessories!

Question: How does Torsion-Flex work? – Kati, Portland, OR

Answer: Gen Y’s patented Torsion-Flex system is designed to soak up inertia between the towing vehicle and the trailer by moving up and down, and to a lesser degree side to side, to help reduce sway, jerking, and jarring in transit. This unique hitch suspension system works similarly to the shocks in your vehicle by absorbing and redirecting the forces that can otherwise make for a bumpy ride. According to Gen Y’s YouTube videos, users of their hitches have reported greater tire life, towing safety, much smoother rides, and even added around 3MPG to their fuel economy in some cases. These hitches are also designed to be easier to use without needing a lot of muscle, making trailer hauling of all kinds more accessible to more people than ever before!

Question: What are some of the benefits and options of a Gen Y hitch? –Belinda, Nashville, TN

Answer: Aside from the great ride and smoother performance Gen Y hitches offer, there are plenty of accessories and custom options to help make your hitch exactly what you need it to be for all your travel, camping, and outdoor adventures. One major benefit is the ease of use. 

Unlike conventional drop hitches, Gen Y hitches’ unique suspension system makes it easier to hook up and drop your trailer without needing a lot of physical strength or muscle to move it into position. 

The design does away with conventional hitch stabilizer assemblies while optimizing braking control. It also replaces factory wheel pin box assemblies for better performance for the life of your hitch and includes an integrated tongue weight scale so you never have to guess how much you’re towing or roll the dice on whether your tow vehicle can take the weight. Finally, it works with most existing receiver hitches in any shank class, taking the guesswork out of whether it will work with your trailer!

As far as options, Gen Y hitches available at Country Roads RV Center include:

  • Geny Y Executive Hitch: Available in both 5th wheel and gooseneck conversion applications, Gen Y’s trailer hitch Torsion-Flex technology reduces shock transfer from the tow trailer to the vehicle, along with bucking, chucking, and surging. The Executive gooseneck model offers a drawbar strong enough to handle the demands of today’s powerful trailering trucks while being easier on fuel tanks, tire pressure, and overall service life.
  • Gen Y Boss Hitch: The Boss mounts to conventional receiver hitches including pintle style couplings, giving you unbeatable control and options over a standard hitch ball. The Boss drop hitch has a drop/raise range of 5-10”, making it a more flexible and user-friendly option for people who rotate through different trailers for different towing needs. Even better, The Boss’s beefy towing capacity from 10,000lb-32,000lb loads makes it a real monster for towing while being easy on the user. It even works with your existing sway control system and brakes, so you can get out of here and get out there faster, making it the last word in adjustable hitches!
  • Gen Y Mega Duty: The Gen Y Mega-Duty offers most of the same options and features as The Boss, with the exception of working with your existing sway control system. However, The Geny Y hitch Mega-Duty still offers the same drop range, compatibility with Ecohitch and pintle-style couplings, and towing performance you can expect from The Boss. Be sure to ask any of Country Roads RV Center’s helpful and knowledgeable staff if Mega-Duty, the Boss, or the Executive is right for your trailer!

Question: How do I know if I should upgrade my existing trailer hitch? –Susan, Sunrise, FL

Answer: This is a very subjective question, but there are some key points and factors to consider. 

Here are some questions you should ask if you’re not sure whether it’s time for a hitch upgrade or not:
  • When you tow your trailer, do you already have adjustable receiver hitches mounted or do you have to spend a lot of time rooting through your toolbox and garage looking for adaptors?
  • Do you notice that your hitch locks into place sporadically, unevenly, or not at all?
  • Is the shank (where the ball goes on your receiver hitch) loose, warped or damaged?
  • Are you missing hitch pins?
  • Is your kingpin warped, deformed, bent, or missing?
  • Does your existing safety hitch feel less safe than it should?
  • Has your 2 ½-inch shank vanished into the depths of your toolbox, leaving you with a 2” or 3” but not the one you actually need?
  • Do your tire balancers seem to be working overtime to correct for a lot of sway or surge when you’re driving?
  • Are your fuel tanks getting less mileage than they should be?
  • Is your vehicle trailer rated, but pulling like it doesn’t know it can do the job?

If you answered “yes” to any two of these questions, it’s time to think about getting an upgrade. If you answered yes to any THREE of them, it’s time to take action. If you wait too long, the performance will continue to degrade, with potentially very dangerous results. It’s always better to get into an authorized RV dealer at the first indication of a potential problem than to gamble the safety of yourself, your trailer, and the people on the road with you. Country Roads RV Center has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you choose the perfect upgrade for your trailer towing needs!

Question: How do I know which Gen Y hitch will be right for my trailer and vehicle? –Andrew, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Like any other hitch, Gen Y hitch ratings are based on your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), towing capacity by weight and the tongue weight distribution hitch is expected to take based on what you’re towing. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website can tell you the first two, and you can find out the tongue weight (if you don’t already know) by using a commercial scale at a weigh station or most RV dealers, like Country Roads RV Center. 

Please remember that overloading your hitch or vehicle could result in damage, injury or death to you or others, so it’s very important to make sure you know what your vehicle and hitch will take! 

Also, don’t forget that towing capacity is determined by the lowest-rated towing component, not the highest, to maximize safety and performance while towing!

The next question to answer is whether you’ve got a gooseneck or standard towing coupler. Between these, you can choose the Gen Y hitch that’s right for you. Light duty drop hitches and gooseneck couplers, also known as Class IVh itches, top out at 9,999 lb towing capacity, while GenY hitch heavy duty adjustable gooseneck hitches offer a range from 10k up to 32,000 lb towing capacity, giving customers a wide range of options for the perfect towing solution.

Question: How hard is it to convert a fifth wheel hitch to a gooseneck or vice versa? – Mauricio, Davidson, NC

Answer: Gooseneck trailer hitches and fifth wheel hitches are very different animals. If you have both a fifth wheel and a gooseneck, you need to have your towing vehicle equipped with the right couplers for both applications. Trying to tow a gooseneck trailer with a standard ball hitch, or a fifth wheel with a gooseneck coupler, is more or less impossible unless you have the right adaptor, and these adaptors are not intended to be permanent solutions in most cases. Over time, they will degrade the tire life, ride smoothness and possibly damage both the tow vehicle and the trailer. This is NOT to say it can’t be done, but for safety reasons, Country Roads RV Center recommends not using an adaptor of this sort and instead of making sure you have the right equipment for the job right out of the gate, to increase the service life and functionality of your vehicle and trailer and to minimize risk while towing.

Question: Does Country Roads RV Center offer accessibility options from Gen Y? – Madeleine, Mint Hill, NC

Answer: Gen Y hitches and accessories are some of the best on the market, and we’re proud to include Gen Y among the brands we sell. If you are looking for specific aftermarket parts, such as ramps, safety, and security features from Gen Y, we are happy to order them for you if we don’t have them in stock at our showroom and shop. For more information about parts, pricing, and services we offer, we invite you to click here to contact us or give us a call at (336) 775-2100. 

Let Country Roads RV Center get you, your vehicle’s hitches and your fifth wheel, gooseneck or toy hauler Facebook and Twitter ready for the coming season with all the great service, performance and safety our customers have come to know and trust from us!

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