Country Roads RV Center Adds Prime Time LaCrosse and Tracer To Its RV Travel Trailers for Sale Lineup

Accessories and advanced amenities in an ultra-light line of travel trailers for your next outdoor adventure!

Country Roads RV Center is dedicated to offering the best RV travel trailers for sale anywhere. Now we’re excited to announce we’ve added the Prime Time Tracer and LaCrosse ultra-lightweight models to our great lineup of RVs, fifth-wheel trailers,  toy haulers, travel trailers for sale!

Prime Time’s Tracer Travel Trailers

Designed for rugged exploration and enjoyment of the great outdoors without sacrificing the modern conveniences and entertaining capabilities you’d expect in your own home.

Prime Time’s LaCrosse Travel Trailers

If you’re looking for a larger trailer or something with slideouts for even more entertaining and sprawling space, the LaCrosse series from Prime Time may be a better fit for you. With a variety of floorplans and configurations which allow you to customize and emphasize your favorite parts of getting back to the great outdoors, the LaCrosse series has a higher towing capacity and axle weight than the Tracer series, but it’s still among the lightest and most versatile RV travel trailers on the market.

Accessories and Advanced Amenities in an Ultra-Lite Line of Travel Trailers for Your Next Outdoor Adventure!

Prime Time is a division of Forest River, Inc., one of the premier RV and trailer manufacturers in the country. The Prime Time Tracer and LaCrosse lightweight travel trailers are built with the best blend of comfort, convenience and space savings in mind, all in a design built to be towed by even modestly sized towing vehicles. With a variety of floor plans including kitchenettes, full kitchens, dinettes, living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and convertible beds, the Tracer series is designed to pack big features and space into a compact, lightweight frame.

Whether you’re conquering bigmouth bass in a mountain lake, heading out to the woods to ride your ATVs and motorcycles, or catching rays at the beach, the Tracer series travel trailer offers the base camp you’ve been looking for!

Need help finding the Prime Time floorplan that is right for you?

 Either of the Prime Time RV travel trailers for sale which Country Roads RV offers are a great addition to your outdoor fun. But if you’re having trouble choosing, or need a little more guidance to select the right model for your needs, here are some frequently asked questions we get about how to choose the perfect travel trailer for your adventures in the great outdoors!

Why choose a travel trailer?

People choose travel trailers over fifth wheels, toy haulers or tent camping for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons include:

  • Size: Travel trailers are typically a bit smaller than other RV styles, which makes steering and parking the trailer easier. 
  • Weight: Travel trailers are usually lighter and more maneuverable, making them more convenient and easier for most SUVs and pickups to tow.

Some people like to be able to get out into nature but don’t care for sleeping on the ground or an air mattress. Even if they don’t mind sleeping rough, they may not care to share restroom and shower facilities with the local fauna, such as bugs and spiders. Some people enjoy being able to combine the fun of camp cooking with the advantages of a stocked kitchen to add their own signature flair to grilling over a wood fire or charcoal.

A travel trailer is ideally suited for folks who want any or all of the above.

The combination of lighter towing weight, reduced overall vehicle length and convenience-packed facilities blends comfort, space and maneuverability into a smaller package which makes navigating even the narrowest campsites a snap.

Which RV travel trailer is right for me?

This seemingly simple question often presents the biggest stumbling block to prospective RV and travel trailer buyers. The answer consists of multiple facets, each of which must be addressed by a separate question. When all these questions are answered, then you’ll be able to narrow down your choices to the models which best fit the outdoor lifestyle you’re looking for!

 Which RV features are most important to you?

Some people prioritize space and comfort, for reasons like being able to gather the family for a game of cards when the weather closes in without feeling cramped. Others want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors in the kind of comfort they’d experience in their own home. Still others simply want to sleep on a proper bed rather than the ground. The right RV or travel trailer for you will offer the best mix of amenities you’re looking for without having to compromise on quality or space.  

How many people do you normally travel with?

  • Solo campers or people who travel with just a spouse or partner can probably get by with a more compact and lighter-weight model
  • If you’re packing in 6-8 friends and family, you will likely want a larger space. 
  • If you travel with pets such as dogs or cats, you need to take that into account as well. Even a small pet can take up a surprising amount of space when your elbow room is at a premium! 
  • You’ll want to consider how many people you usually travel with, how you plan to spread out at your destination and whether your trailer will be where most of your people spend most of their time.
 How many people will sleep in your RV?

Going with the previous question, you need to consider where everyone’s going to sleep. Some people will probably be fine with or even prefer sleeping outside in tents or under the stars. Some will prefer not to “rough it,” or may not be old enough or comfortable enough with being outdoors to want to sleep there. And of course, there’s always the weather to worry about as well! In all these situations, you’ll need to make sure there’s sleeping room for everyone in your group who needs it. This means you’ll have to evaluate the available sleeping space and plan accordingly to ensure you and your crew are prepared for anything Mother Nature may send your way!

Do you need a camper for weekend trips or longer journeys?

There’s nothing wrong with being a “weekend warrior” who heads out to the wilderness just for the weekend, or even going out for a long holiday weekend! For the weekend warrior, depending on the size and configuration of your camping group, a smaller trailer will probably fit your needs just fine. However, if you’re going on longer trips, you may want access to more space and thus more amenities than a small camper will usually offer. This is especially true if you want larger sleeping quarters, a more spacious kitchen or a larger bathroom unit. If you’re a long-haul traveler, or planning to travel across multiple states, you may find a larger travel trailer or RV suits your requirements and that of your family better.

What is it about this RV travel trailer that you like?

When considering the perfect travel trailer for you, evaluating what it is you like about the specific models you’re looking at can help guide you to the best balance between the features of each of them. You’ll probably find the ideal trailer means looking for maximum amenities and space with minimum weight.

How is travel weight important?

The travel weight is the total loaded weight of the trailer when it’s carrying full water tanks plus all the supplies, gear and other items you’re bringing for your excursion. This is important because it directly affects the towing weight, which is how much weight your hitch can safely manage. You’ll need to know these weights to make sure your vehicle can handle the added weight of the trailer:

  • Vehicle Tow Capacity: Refer to your vehicle Owner’s Manual to locate the towing capacity of your tow vehicle. You will need to know this prior to RV shopping! Exceeding the tow capacity of your vehicle may result in unsafe operating conditions, vehicle damage, severe injury or death, and/or fines and tickets if you don’t have the proper endorsements on your driver’s license for higher-capacity towing.
  • Dry Weight: If you’re hauling only the trailer with empty tanks and no extra cargo, aka “dry towing,” you will likely find you’ll have greater towing capacity.
  • Travel Weight: When hauling the trailer fully loaded, this is the travel weight. The greater the travel weight, the higher towing capacity your vehicle and trailer hitch will need to allow for safe hauling, turning and braking.  

Unsure of which model RV travel trailers for sale are best for you?

If you’re not sure which travel trailer is right for you and your family, the friendly staff at Country Roads RV are here to help with straight talk, real answers and honest information to help you make the right choice for your next outdoor adventure. No matter which Prime Time model you choose, we know you and your camping group will be pleased with your selection. The great outdoors is waiting, and Country Roads RV Center and Prime Time are working hard to help you and your family get out there!

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