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At Country Roads RV Center, Inc., we see a lot of business, especially at the end of the season. In many cases, people notice a warranty issue and decide to brazen it out until their camping season is over before they try to get it repaired. Then they find out the dealer they purchased their RV or travel trailer from doesn’t have a dedicated, full-service repair department which can do warranty work. This leaves owners scrambling to get the issues fixed anywhere they can—which brings them, in turn, to us.

Like many RV dealerships that do have full-service repair and warranty departments, Country Roads RV Center gives preference to our existing customers for both routine maintenance and warranty repairs. This can mean that customers who come to us for repairs on an RV or trailer purchased from another dealer could be waiting up to six months or more—and in some cases, run the clock out on the issue’s warranty covers before we can fit them in and around existing customers’ scheduled maintenance and emergency repair requests.

Because of this, we at Country Roads RV Center encourage folks who are looking at purchasing a travel trailer, toy hauler, or RV to make sure the company they buy from is able to service and repair their rigs. Likewise, make sure you can get the unit back to the company you are purchasing from.  It can mean the difference between being able to get regular maintenance, warranty, and emergency service, or having to trust to the luck of the draw.

Common Repairs Which Your RV or Camper May Need

To illustrate why this matters, here are five common repairs that your RV may need. Some of them are more time-sensitive than others, and some need to be dealt with immediately if you want to have an RV next year!

1.      RV Waste System Repairs

If your model has a blackwater tank, it needs to be regularly cleaned and serviced to prevent solid buildup and other problems, as well as to check for leaks which could cause contamination of the water system or other issues such as odors and sludge leakage. If your blackwater tank needs to be replaced, you’re looking at around $400 to over $4,000.

2.      RV Refrigerator Repairs

Refrigerators are more or less standard these days in just about any RV or travel trailer, so much so that it’s more unusual to find one that doesn’t have a way to keep food and drinks cold than one that does!  But, if your refrigerator fails, you’re back to dealing with coolers and ice, and an average repair bill between $600 for a modest midrange unit to nearly $3,500 for a top-of-the-line built-in model.

3.      RV Air Conditioner Repair

If your RV has an air conditioner, you’ve got it made during the hot summer months—unless your unit fails. An underpowered motor will have to run harder and longer, making it more prone to breakdown, so making sure the RV’s electrical system is delivering the right amperage for the job is important. Also, units that aren’t serviced regularly may incur roof leaks caused by relaxing gaskets, casing cracks, and bends, or improper torques. Your AC unit can run you from $500-$3,500 or more to repair or replace depending on the unit’s size, age, amperage, output, and other factors.

4.      RV Caulking and Resealing

Checking your caulking every season change!!!  Whether you’ve got a toy hauler, travel trailer, or RV, sooner or later you will probably need to have the seals around the windows, roof vents, and overhead hatches redone, and any areas requiring caulking redone. This important step can mean the difference between prolonging the longevity of your rig while keeping the weather and high or low temperatures out, or being exposed to the elements and risking damage which can depreciate your investment prematurely and permanently.  A leaking caulking joint or seal will not cause immediate damage.  Prolonged leaks (unchecked caulking) can cause severe and permanent damage to a unit resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs.  Caulking is a maintenance item (like an oil change on a vehicle) and resulting damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, insurance, or extended warranties.  This repair usually starts at $1000 and can quickly go up from there.

5.      RV Fresh Water Holding Tanks Repair

Your freshwater system provides shower, drinking, and dishwater for your RV. If it’s not drained and cleaned regularly, mold and mineral buildup can occur, and small leaks may go undetected until they become big problems. This can cost as little as $200 or as much as $1000+ to get corrected.

RV Warranty Adjustments

Not everything on your RV or trailer will be covered under warranty, and some parts or components will be covered for longer than the general warranty.

What many people also don’t realize is that a warranty can be extended several ways. Here are a few common ways that can happen.

1.      Extended Warranties For RV’s

An extended warranty does exactly what the name implies, by making the warranty run longer. Extended warranties are typically purchased through the dealer.  

2.      Manufacturer Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty is a warranty you receive with your purchase. It spells out the manufacturer’s obligations and what they will and won’t cover, and for how long.

3.      Warranty Exception/Extension

A warranty exception/extension is rolled out by a manufacturer to contain the expense associated with known problems with a make, model, or construction method rather than announce a general recall.  Dealers may not be aware that these warranties exist at all, or may not be able to do the sort of work required to comply with these warranties even if they do.

At Country Roads RV Center, we want everyone to be able to travel as safely and comfortably as possible. Part of that means advising customers about available warranties, to the best of our knowledge. 

But even the best warranty in the business doesn’t mean much if your dealer can’t back it with manufacturer-approved parts, service, and processes. 

Prior to purchase, we recommend customers check with their RV dealer to make sure they can do the work needed, if and when it’s required. If your dealer doesn’t offer complete nose-to-tail service for your travel trailer, fifth wheel, RV, or toy hauler, come talk to us at Country Roads RV Center!  In case you incur damage to your unit, we also work with all major insurance companies to get you back on the road.  We’re always happy to help and offer the best rigs in the business, backed by comprehensive service you can trust.

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