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Your RV is a major investment. When it’s time to sell, you can trust Country Roads RV Center to get the maximum value possible.

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There comes a time when you may have to bid “happy trails” to the RV lifestyle which gave you so many great memories. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current recreational vehicle and want to upsize. Maybe you’re tightening your belt and you just don’t need or want RV maintenance, upkeep, and insurance expense anymore because of economic uncertainties caused by the pandemic, job loss, restructuring, or other factors. It could simply be you want to pursue new avenues.

No matter why many RV owners find themselves looking for the best options for letting go of their RV while still making sure they’ll be able to get fair market value for it. Country Roads RV Center suggests you consign your RV with us!


How Do RV Consignment Sales Work?


You’ve probably seen, heard of, or visited consignment shops for clothing or furniture in the past. RV consignment works the same way. The store offers to take gently used items in good condition and sell them on behalf of the owners, in exchange for a nominal fee, usually a percentage of the sale value. “Selling on consignment” means the store and the original owners have made a commitment to divide the final sale value. Many RV dealerships offer this service as an option, and Country Roads RV Center makes selling your RV easier and more convenient than ever! Just answer a few simple questions, bring it in, and let us do the work for you!


Why Should I Consign My RV When I Can Sell It Myself?


This is a fair question. Consignment isn’t right for everyone, of course. There are several factors to consider and it may not be the best of the available options for you. Let’s look at how it works when you sell your RV yourself. 

You have to:

  • Study books, blog posts, and other resources to determine the value of your RV
  • Make sure your RV is clean, has the requisite RV maintenance, and is in tip-top shape so it’s ready to sell for the top dollar possible
  • Advertise your RV on your own time, at your own cost
  • Getting crank calls from buyers who don’t seriously want to make an offer
  • Dealing with unscrupulous RV buyers looking to take advantage of your need to sell so they can get away with paying less money than motor homes, campers, and truck campers are worth
  • Lack of foot traffic or people who are just curious or visiting but not really interested in buying
  • Figure out financing if you have a motivated buyer who needs it
  • Risk having your RV sitting in your driveway for extended periods, perhaps months or longer, before it sells
  • Handling the local and state paperwork when you get your RV sold, with potentially steep penalties if you don’t do it right in terms of impact on your tax return, having to redo and refile the paperwork, etc.


Getting your RV sold that way doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Of course, you could get lucky and have a quick, easy sale where you get a fair price for your RV. It does happen. But stories like that are about as common as shooting a 55 on par-71 links!


Now compare the list above with how reputable RV dealers and consignment brokers like Country Roads RV Center sell your RV.


  1. You fill out the brief questionnaire above.
  2. You bring the RV in.
  3. We inspect it and come to an agreement on selling price. 
  4. You sign some paperwork and leave your RV in Country Roads RV Center’s lot.
  5. We do all the heavy lifting.
  6. You get a check and a receipt when we sell your RV.


Now doesn’t that sound better? 


We think it does, which is why Country Roads RV Center is one of the area’s most trusted sources for selling your motorhome, fifth wheel, camper or RV!


What Are Some Reasons Not to Consign My RV?


This is a great question, and of course, there are some situations where consigning your RV may not be the best choice. Here are some things to consider and possible red flags you want to look for when deciding whether to sell, trade or consign.

Some dealers require you to purchase “special” extended warranties and insurance through their shop. They may give you reasons like:

  • It’s required by law. Ask to see the relevant statutes and civil codes. If they’re on the level, they’ll be able to show them to you without hesitation. Some insurance is required for consignment, but often “special” items like this aren’t worth the paper they’re written on and only cut into your profit margin.
  • Our insurance requires… This is usually not the case. On the rare occasion, it isn’t, many dealers who do have special insurance requirements for consignments will be able to show you exactly how much, what the parameters are, and why these are required in black and white.
  • We don’t accept any RVs for consignment which are not maintained through us. Again, this is usually nonsense and a way to shake you down for extra money upfront. In some cases, there is a valid reason, but these are relatively rare. A reputable RV consignment dealer will give the major components of your RV an inspection to ascertain safety, sale worthiness, and roadworthiness standards are met, but they will also give you a clear statement of what they inspect, why and what your responsibilities, rights, and options are if they find deficiencies. If the consignment dealer you are considering seems to be deliberately vague, evasive, or cryptic, they’re probably angling for you to write them a blank check against the value of your rig!

You may also not want to consider consignment if you’re planning to trade in your rig for an upgrade. In some cases, you may get more on consignment than you would on trade, but most often you’ll get less. Also, if you do a straight trade, you’re almost always off the hook financially for any problems discovered by the dealer after the trade is done.

In some situations you may owe more on your unit than it is worth.  In this case, you would be responsible for the difference and may not be able to cover the balance.  In this situation you would want to go thru the trouble of selling it yourself in hopes of mitigating your negative balance with your lender.  However, we do see many owners in this situation and we are able to handle the loan payoff, title work and paperwork with the lender. 

Finally, you can’t sell your RV while it’s under consignment, and you won’t be able to take it for a quick spin down to Myrtle Beach or Ocala, Florida, or up to Richmond, VA, Pittsburgh or the Mid-Atlantic States, for example. For most RV owners looking to sell, this isn’t a problem, but what’s no big deal to one person may be a hard pass for another. These are just a few points to consider.


Country Roads RV Center is the RV Consignment Dealer You Can Trust!


We don’t give you double-talk, backtalk, jargon, or mumbo-jumbo. When you come to meet with our staff, we explain the consignment process in simple, plain English, from the first inspection to handing over the check. Even better, we can back up what we say with a long history of satisfied Midwest, Canadian, and West Coast buyers as well as folks from right here in our own backyard. Click here to read our reviews for yourself, and find out why Country Roads RV Center is the RV consignment dealer you can trust!

For more information, be sure to check out the FAQ below about our RV consignment dealer program!  


Frequently Asked Questions About Your RV Consignment Dealer


Question: What is a motorhome or RV consignment dealer? –James, Mooresville, NC


Answer: Unlike a personal sale, the RV consignment dealer basically acts as your agent to help you sell your motorhome, camper trailer, fifth-wheel, or RV. This has several advantages for the seller, including the fact that RV sales lots tend to get good foot traffic. Also, RV dealers regularly advertise their new inventory, including consignment rigs, on websites like RV Trader and on their own website’s still and video library. By choosing consignment, you get the benefit of selling your RV without the hassle!  


Question: How does RV consignment work? –Kevin, Charlotte NC. 

Answer: Basically, you bring your RV in and have it inspected. We arrange the selling price based on the fair market value of your rig minus the consignment percentage of the sale price. Once that’s done, we sign an agreement that explains exactly what we will need to do to get it ready for sale and what your responsibilities and rights as the seller are, including how long the rig will be under consignment. We take care of the cleaning and any necessary maintenance or repairs to get it ready for the sales lot, for an additional fee.

If the rig sells during the consignment period, we cut you a check and a receipt. Also, we handle all the paperwork, leaving you worry-free to enjoy your money however you see fit. If the rig doesn’t sell, we can agree to renew the consignment agreement or go in a different direction. The best way to be sure how your consignment will go is to fill out the questionnaire at the top of this page and bring your RV in so we can take a look and give you all the details based on the year, make, model, condition and book value!


Question: How much does an RV consignment broker charge? –Elvin, Myrtle Beach, NC. 

Answer: Depending on the broker, they may charge a flat percentage of the sale price; a percentage plus a fee to cover cleaning, repairs, document fees, and insurance; or they may charge nothing. At Country Roads RV Center, our consignment charges are based on the percentage of the selling price plus cleaning and RV repairs.  When we see it in person and check it over, we will determine a selling price based on the fair market value if we accept your RV for consignment. 



Question: Is there a minimum time our RV must stay in your consignment program? –Freda, Macon, GA


Answer: We require a minimum of 90 days on consignment. When we make you an offer, we go over the available time frames, what we offer and what all parties’ responsibilities are. Please remember that if you choose to consign with us, you will not be able to sell your RV yourself during the consignment period, and you won’t be able to take it off the lot. We can’t sell something we don’t have! But unlike some dealers, we do not require you to accept our offer or terms. At Country Roads RV Center, you always have the final choice and say!


Question: Do I need RV consignment insurance? –Winifred, Johnson City, TN


Answer: You will not need specific “Consignment Insurance”, but keep your insurance on your unit while it is on consignment because it is still YOUR unit and it will need to be covered until you are no longer the owner.  


Question: How can I consign my RV with Country Roads RV Center? –Jason, Raleigh, NC


Answer: Simply fill out the quick questionnaire above. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will contact you to set up an appointment to bring your RV, pop-up, truck camper, fifth wheel or motorhome in for an inspection and to go over the terms and conditions. Once we sign and shake, you’re good to go. It’s just that easy, and it’s why Country Roads RV Center is proud to be your RV consignment dealer!


To learn more about Country Roads RV Center and how we can help you sell your RV, call (336) 775-2100 or click here to contact us!


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